Safety is a common concern when it comes to seeing a Chiropractor for back pain during pregnancy. Pregnant women experiencing back pain, hip problems and headaches can often experience a lot of relief through Chiro. Unfortunately they may not seek out care due to uncertainty about seeing a Chiropractor or having adjustments while pregnant.

The good news is that treatment is considered safe, effective and comfortable for mums to be.Back Pain During Pregnancy

Will it harm my baby?

This is understandably often the first concern of any mum-to-be. Spinal adjustments and other treatments haven’t been shown to have any negative effect on the developing infant.

There have been no reported incidences in the research of damage or harm to the unborn child following treatment by chiropractors (1).

Is it safe for mum?

Chiropractor treatment is safe and generally comfortable throughout all stages of pregnancy. The main risks during pregnancy are the same as for our non-pregnant patients, including temporary soreness, tenderness and occasionally bruising after treatment (1).

However a number of conditions that can occur during pregnancy are considered contraindications to chiropractic. These include ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa or abruption and moderate-severe pre-eclampsia. If you suffer from any of these, you should check with your doctor before starting treatment with a chiropractor.

Gentle Care for Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can often be an uncomfortable time for mums to be. This is why our Morley Chiropractors will modify their adjustments and treatment technique to ensure your comfort. During pregnancy a hormone called Relaxin is released which helps to relax the ligaments around the pelvic area, allowing them to stretch more during childbirth. This hormone has an effect on all ligaments in the body, which often means that less force is required for adjusting back pain during pregnancy.

After the 20 week mark depending on how much they have grown, women will often start to find it uncomfortable to lay face down. Our chiropractors use a special ‘Belly Pillow’. This has a large cut out in the middle to fit pregnant tummies all the way up to 39 weeks. Most expecting mums find this very comfortable and generally don’t want to get up off the table afterwards!

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Patient comfort is a priority during pregnancy care, and we will modify our adjustments and position to ensure you feel comfortable during the process.

Extra Training in Pregnancy & Paediatrics

Our chiropractors have undertaken further course and training in treatment of pregnancy including back pain during pregnancy. We are skilled in delivering safe and effective care for mums to be.

To find out more about how our team can help provide relief during pregnancy call us today on 08 9275 6095 or book online.



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