How long is a Chiropractic appointment?

It's important to understand that the length of a Chiropractic appointment depends heavily on the clinic you attend, we like to spend more time with each patient so we can better understand what the problem's are and build a better management plan, and therefore our appointments range from 45min - 15min. The Chiropractic appointment will [...]

What should I wear to a Chiropractic appointment?

  First chiropractic appointment coming up, and you’re not sure what to wear? The short answer - something comfortable! Comfortable gym clothes. A loose shirt/top that allows easy movement, and can be moved easily to assess your back, elbows or shoulders. Shorts or pants that have some stretch and allow easy movement - check [...]

How many Chiropractic sessions do I need

A large percentage of people have a preconceived idea of how many Chiropractic sessions they will need, being that once you see a Chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life, this stems from "old-school" Chiropractic philosophy. However, this is untrue, when you attend a Chiropractic clinic your first appointment will [...]

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Do Chiropractors Bulk Bill?

Do Chiropractors Bulk Bill? A common questions we get in the clinic is "Do Chiropractors Bulk Bill?". Unfortunately, the answer to this question varies depending on the practitioner you see. It is up to the practitioner to decide if they will accept bulk billed plans. These are known as Chronic Health Care Plans. [...]

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