Do Chiropractors Bulk Bill?

A common questions we get in the clinic is “Do Chiropractors Bulk Bill?“. Unfortunately, the answer to this question varies depending on the practitioner you see. It is up to the practitioner to decide if they will accept bulk billed plans. These are known as Chronic Health Care Plans.

What exactly is bulk billing?

Bulk billing is when an allied health service, such as a Chiropractor bill’s Medicare directly.

How do I find a Bulk Billing Chiropractor?

There is no database of Chiropractors who accept bulk billed referral plans from GPs.

At Walter Road Chiropractic we accept Bulk billed claims as part of a Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Is Bulk billing specific for Chiropractors?

No, a referring GP can refer to a wide range of practitioners. It is generally up to them to decide who should look after you.

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Do Chiropractors Bulk Bill?