It’s important to understand that the length of a Chiropractic appointment depends heavily on the clinic you attend, we like to spend more time with each patient so we can better understand what the problem’s are and build a better management plan, and therefore our appointments range from 45min – 15min.

The Chiropractic appointment will depend on a number of factors:

  1. If this is your first time at the clinic
  2. How complex the condition is
  3. Is this a new complaint?

New Patient Appointments

If you have not seen one of our chiropractors before (even if you have been to another chiropractic clinic in the past), you will need a new patient appointment. These are generally 45 minutes long, sometimes 1 hour, depending on how complex your case is. It will generally involve:

1. Discussion/questions regarding your reason for coming to see us, any relevant medical history/scans, and your goals for treatment.

2. A physical examination. This is an assessment of your physical movements in your area/s of concern, along with some specific chiropractic and functional assessments, which enables our chiropractors to get a better understanding of what is happening for you and how we can help.

3. A discussion with you about what we have found in the assessment, different treatment options we would recommend, and a potential treatment plan for you.

If it is safe for us to do so, we aim to provide some treatment for you on your first visit. Your chiropractor will discuss this with you in your consultation. For more information have a look at what to expect from your appointments.

Check out our blog on what to wear to your first appointment.

How long is a chiropractic appointment

Returning Patients Appointments

At our Chiropractic Clinic in Morley we have three types of appointments, the first two make up the majority of our appointments.

Standard Appointments

For our returning patients with a current treatment plan.

This appointment generally takes 15 minutes and involves an evaluation of your progress plus treatment, which may include a combination of spinal adjustments/mobilistations, soft tissue therapy, dry needling, and rehab exercises.

Extended Appointments

These appointments are 30 minutes long and are for:

  • Patients with a current treatment plan who may have complex cases requiring longer appointment times.
  • Current patients needing longer appointment times for rehabilitation appointments or for certain treatment modalities such as dry needling or TENS.
  • Returning patients who are under a current treatment plan who have a NEW concern.
  • Returning patients who have NOT been to the clinic in 12 months or longer.

Rehabilitation Appointments

These appointments are 30 minutes long and are for people who are no longer in pain but are trying to create sustainable changes by building tolerance through stability and strength training.

Are you a returning patient but haven’t been to the clinic in 12 months or more?

It is our clinic policy to book you in for an extended appointment so that your chiropractor can perform a full reassessment of your case and discuss any changes in your medical history since we last saw you, before any treatment is provided.

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