At Walter Road Chiropractic & Sports Injuries a large portion of our patients come in with low back pain with and without leg pain. This discussion is not about the diagnosis or the treatment but more of a guide to help those experiencing this type of pain. Everyone is encouraged to get an assessment prior to utilizing any of this information. We prefer our patients to be educated and decide for themselves what to do.

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Low back pain or sciatica can be caused from many different issues. The purpose of seeking care is to find the cause of the problem and then determine a feasible management plan, in addition with the management plan we like to give the following advice to our patients.

  1. Continuous movement is probably the most important bit of advice we can give.
    • There is NO perfect posture, continually moving has shown to be very effective in the reduction of back problems.
    • If you sit for long periods (greater than 30 min) we suggest getting up and moving around
      if you stand for long periods (greater than 30 min) we suggest moving around or sitting for a few minutes
  2. Avoid positions that aggravate the problem.
  3. Make sure when you are driving or sitting for long periods you are not slouching to one side.
    • Rolling up a towel to place behind your back can assist you with keeping a more natural curve.
  4. Drink plenty of water (2-3L per day)
  5. Walk 30 min daily if you don’t do any other exercise

Our Chiropractors can provide a complete management plan that may assist you in the prevention of further injuries. We do NOT only adjust our patients, our treatment includes advice, soft tissue therapy for muscles, graston, dry needling, taping and rehabilitation.

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