What does a Chiropractor do for Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a common reason people consult health professionals such as chiropractors, GPs and physiotherapists. There are many factors that can contribute to neck pain, such as poor posture, work, sports, caring for family members, injury, and many other activities. Neck pain can be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (long term), and can have associated symptoms such as headaches; pain radiating into the upper back, shoulder/s and/or arm/s.

What does a Chiropractor do for Neck Pain?

Can Chiropractic Help My Neck Pain?

Our Chiropractors use a combination of different treatments and rehab exercises to help with neck pain, in line with current evidence-based guidelines. These treatments are only done once we have completed a thorough history and examination to find out why you are experiencing neck pain. Treatment can include:

  • Adjustments and mobilisations of the spine.
  • Soft tissue techniques, including massage, dry needling and stretching of the muscles surrounding the neck and mid back.
  • Remedial Massage Therapy.
  • Rehab exercises to strengthen the neck muscles.
  • Functional exercises to get you back to your chosen activity or sport as soon as possible.
  • Advice on activities to change or avoid to help resolve your pain quickly.

Do I need to have x-rays before I receive treatment?

This will be discussed with you once we have completed a thorough history and examination, as it depends on each individual’s circumstance and presentation. Generally, in most cases, a trial period of conservative care is recommended before obtaining imaging, but there are some circumstances where imaging may be needed before starting treatment, such as a concern of an underlying fracture or pathology.

How many Chiropractic sessions will I need?

This will be discussed with you after a full assessment of your neck pain, and depends on many factors, including the cause of your neck pain, how long you have had it for, if you have any underlying health conditions, and much more. For more information, visit our blog post here:

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Chiropractor do for Neck Pain?


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